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tv   Sino Tv Early Evening News  PBS  February 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> welcome to "the journal" here on dw-tv. i am brian thomas in berlin. >> and i have the business news. welcome. >> keeping up the pressure on hosni mubarak, with negotiations failing to have an effect. and someone has claimed responsibility for the moscow airport bombing that left dozens of people dead. and in austria, the super g at the world championships in bavaria. germany takes bronze. tens of thousands of egyptians have joined the latest mass
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demonstration in cairo today for a 15th day of protests, believed to be the largest thus far. today's anti-government rally comes despite a slew of concessions, among them the release of 34 political prisoners. organizers say they have seen a surge of newcomers to the demonstrations, who are adding their voice to the calls for hosni mubarak to step down and for free and fair elections. >> the demonstrators' numbers have waned over the past few days, but many have returned to tahrir square. even in alexandria, this increase has led to the support of even loyal followers. >> i used to be a member of mubarak's party, but i have now resigned from the part of the people have protested against. >> they are not giving up on their demand that the president
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to resign. his deputy, omar suleiman, went on television and talked about further concessions. suleiman said that he had been told not to limit people's expression. mubarak has also added setting of legal and constitutional amendments that could pave the way to a transition of power. these could include easing the rules for presidential candidates, shortening the presidential term in office, and conducting better presidential monitoring. this was enough for some of the demonstrators, but with mubarak and vowing to stay in office until september, the anti- government protesters have vowed to continue the rallies. with the anti-government protests in egypt attracting even more citizens, i asked our
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correspondent what is motivating the demonstrators. >> well, i think it is still the same thing. they are waiting for mubarak to go, and what is also motivating them a is these kinds of things that have happened in the last days, and there is the security record. today, there was a very famous and video on youtube shown all over the television stations, and we could see about the release of prisoners, and the office has told the prisoners which direction to go, so that were shown all over the place. that was the same people a few days ago that were looting the place with the direction of the video, you can see. these are the kinds of things that made people really angry.
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also, for example, there are the lists of how much money they say, how many billions of dollars are involved. all of these things made people angry, and that is another reason why they came out on the street today. >> we heard vice president suleiman talking about the transfer of power, but is there really a willingness for change? or was that just window dressing? >> they really just do not care about what omar suleiman does. they say they 1 hosni mubarak 2 lead. they are trying to put it upside down -- they say they want hosting a bar to leave. -- kosovar -- hosni mubarak to
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leave. most of the demonstrators are very skeptical. at the square, they were dancing, they made something with paper around his neck. "do not worry, i will not stay for 30 years." they are basically making fun of suleiman. >> thank you so much again for those insights. in other news, the war crimes trial of the former liberian dictator has entered its final phase in the hague. and the closing arguments, they said that taylor bore the most responsibility for the eight problems in sierra leone in the 1990's. taylor denies the charges, which includes inside the murder and rape and hiring child soldiers. after a brief adjournment, he refused to return to the koran. earlier, his lawyer walked out from the courtroom after they
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refused to accept me to documents. and one man said he ordered last month's deadly suicide bombing at moscow's international airport that left 36 people dead and dozens wounded korea already declared public enemy no. 1 by russian officials, he has threatened further attacks in a new video message. he says the airport attack was carried out to avenge russian crimes in the caucuses. >> the video was posted on the website that is hosted -- associated with islam gravel's in the caucuses. in it, the chechen leader says he was behind the bombing at moscow's domodedovo airport last month. >> this was carried out on my orders, and, god willing, these will continue in the future. >> the bombing killed 36 people. he said it was revenge for the kremlin's anti-terrorism campaign in the caucasus.
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he also ordered the bombing of the subway, which killed 40 people last year. islam and terrorism remains a major worry for moscow. >> this is not just about him. if we arrest or even kill him tomorrow, that will not stop the terrorism. that is the problem. >> this is a challenge to all of the security forces for all of us. if we will respond accordingly. we must solve the crimes and eliminate those who are responsible for them. >> moscow has tried for years to settle the conflicts in the caucasus region, but neither brutal special commandos or millions and financial support that helped calm the situation, and the russian government appears incapable of protecting its citizens from extremists, like him. >> italian prosecutors say they want prime minister silvio berlusconi to stand trial in connection with the investigation looking into his
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relationship with an underage girl. it is alleged that he paid for sex with a moroccan exotic dancer, who was 17 years old at the time. they also accused some of abuse of power, saying that he used coercion for her release. china is trying to get a grip on their overheat the economy. >> the chinese central bank raised its key interest rate for the second time in a few weeks on tuesday, moving it 25 basis points, up to 3%. beijing hopes the maneuver will help cool the markets and ease inflationary pressures. >> chinese consumers have been getting a taste of inflation recently. for months, prices for food have been climbing steadily, and wages are rising in line to compensate. a major inflationary factor is the rapid gain in raw material
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prices, which is pushing up production costs, but the economy continues to expand exponentially. in 2010, the country's gross domestic product grew by a stunning 10.3%. at the same time, inflation averaged out at 3.3% for the year, an unemployed was also too low to bring in wage levels. analysts say the chinese central bank will be forced to hike interest rates again, as beijing tries to bring in growth. this could prove difficult for the german export sector. the car industry is only one of many that of their current upswing to demand in china. >> the chinese rate hike has not caused any serious damage on european stock markets which closed on tuesday at less last seen in late 2008. we have this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> it could not stop the rally
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of redacts -- of dax-listed shares. lower investments in china. car shares of bond -- been among the major gainers, mainly driven by the fact that japanese competitor toyota raised the forecast for the rest of the year, so they are pretty sure that the car business, especially in germany, stays on track. the results of toyota have been rather poor. >> he is in frankfurt. let's take a look at some closing market numbers now. and frankfurt, the blue-chip dax closed higher, its highest close since january 2008. the euro stoxx 50 closed at 3042. in new york, the dow industrials are currently going up, and the
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euro is trading at $1.36. the world's number one steer vehicle -- steelmaker posted a loss. it blames the loss on higher raw material prices and the cost of spinning off its stainless steel unit. but over the years, they had profits of over 2 billion euros. sales were up compared to 2009, and the company is optimistic about the year ahead. europe's biggest car maker volkswagen has reached an agreement with a union. vw workers will receive a 3.2% raise starting on the first of may. the agreement will last for 16 months. vw has also agreed to a one-off payment of 1% of a worker's annual base salary or a minimum of 500 euros. they went into talks demand is 6% rise under a 12-month
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contract. if you want to recharge or telephone in europe these days, you had better have the right connector. this makes it possible to mix and match telephones with connectors from other manufacturers. on tuesday, a new universal charging cable was unveiled, to finally put an end to confusion and waste. >> beginning in november, mobile telephone charges will be compatible -- charges will be compatible. only those with micro usb's will be available. >> this is the beginning of the new phase, the beginning of a revolution. >> these have been a thorn in his side. mobile phone manufacturers now have 30 different systems for their funds. until now, anyone buying a new one has usually needed a new charter until now. >> the new cable not only
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simplifies our everyday life, it will also benefit the environment. >> the current recharagers -- rechargers ka-ching need to waste. pressure was put on the system. -- rechargers create waste. >> it makes sense also for the producer. >> besides eliminating cable clutter, the universal phone charges are also designed to last at least a decade. -- the universal phone chargeurs -- chargers. >> outline embryo screening, which allows parents to have
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them destroyed, should the screening reveal possible birth defects. embryo screening has also been opposed by the catholic church, which says it is a form of abortion. >> every expectant mother wants a healthy baby. modern technology now allows doctors to test embryos for possible genetic disorders, but only if the embryos were conceived by in vitro fertilization. with pre-implantation diagnosis, a cell is removed from a days- old embryo. it is only implanted in the mother if there is no abnormality. opponents what this banned. >> a life with a disability is also a valuable life. we do not want to tell people who are alive today or parents whose children are disabled that
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they really should have been winnowed out. >> but other politicians have long wanted to the procedure to be allowed in special circumstances, such as a risk of serious genetic disease. >> at the moment, we expect the families that are affected to either not have children at all or to have severely disabled children or miscarriages or abortions. these are our unreasonable demands on one should not expect of people. or, they just go abroad. -- unreasonable demands no one should expect from people. >> they warn the list of diseases that can be screened out is getting longer, a situation they say that germany should not permit. >> in winter sports, the austrian has beaten favorites from germany and the united states to snatch the women's super g gold in the opening event of the alpine skiing world championship. two bronze medals were won last
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year, but today's went,garmisch, was serve first ever in a world championship -- but today's one, garmisch. >> she found the shortest line between the gates, made fewer errors, and turned in the best time of the day. the on the competition came from julia mancuso. this was shortly before her 30th birthday. germany's maria managed with no problems. >> i have a lot of expectation going into what championships. so winning a medal in my first race takes a lot of the pressure off. now, i can be a bit more relaxed about things, and the motivation for the next race is just as high. >> the favorite, lindsey vonn,
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only got seventh place and had to make do with congratulating the other winners. >> i will be right back. do not go away. >> dear america. >> dear russia. >> dear north korea. >> dear friends. >> united kingdom. >> china. >>please. >> please. >> please. >> please. >> please. >> police, freed the world.
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-- please. free the world. >> welcome back. central cairo has seen another day of massive anti-government protests, perhaps the largest bus bar with hundreds of thousands of people calling for the end of the regime of hosni mubarak and a complete dismantling of the police and apparatus that have supported it. should the protesters succeed and bring democracy to egypt, what would it look like? in our next report, we take a look at democracy and the role of islam in egypt and two of its neighbors, lebanon and jordan. >> egyptians young and old, female and male, religious and secular are calling on mubarak to step down. but what kind of government and they want to see replace his dictatorial rule?
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that is a lot less clear. a survey conducted last year shows support for democracy is weaker in egypt than, say, in lebanon and jordan, though all three have a majority in favor. in egypt, some 20% say in some circumstances a nondemocratic government may be preferable. >> they have no experience with democracy. they have experience with democratic theater, with elections that have been completely flawed, with a lot of fraud, and this was sold to them by the government as democracy. >> islam plays a central role in egyptian society, even during the massive anti- government demonstrations. many participants stopped to say their prayers. religion and politics are closely intertwined, more so in egypt than in other mideast
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societies. in last year's survey, 85% of egyptian muslims questioned said islam played a positive role in political life. that is considerably more than in both lebanon and jordan. only 2% describes it as negative. in lebanon, by contrast, almost one-third regarded it as negative. many in the west and in egypt itself fere the role the muslim brotherhood is likely to play in egypt. it is the largest opposition movement, even though it is officially banned, and is widely expected to lead least share power. -- to at least share power. >> they said that they stand for freedom, social justice, development, and regional leadership. i think the comparison to iran,
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at least in iran, it is not at all standing. >> so will need to become a theocracy or a democracy, with some parties with roots in islam? some say that younger religious egyptians look more to turkey, a candidate for secession to the european union, and then the role of the mullahs. >> turkish prime minister erd uan has given support. he has been steadily increasing the role of islam in the state created from the ottoman empire. although that is being rejected by some. >> recep tayyip erdogan had
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reason to celebrate, winning an absolute majority in elections that are deemed free and fair. erdogqagan issued an appeal to hosni mubarak. >> listen to the shouts of the people and they're extremely human demands. without hesitation, satisfy the people's desire for change. >> erdogan is a strict muslim. yet, under his leadership, religion has found its way back into politics. when some visited turkey last october, the wife of one of the visitors wore a head scarf.
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that was something new. many saw it as a deliberate challenge to restrictions on wearing a scarf in public. secularists fear a creeping islamification. for decades, they considered themselves the guardian. four times, they launched a coup, but observers say those days are over. they now except that not they but the politicians are in charge, a result of changes to make turkey fit for possible eu membership. that makes turkey very different from egypt. >> the egyptian president's, nasser, said., anbar, they are all military men. now, for the first time, we have a government that has stood up to the military. that makes jerky and attractive
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role model. >> despite recent democratic reforms, they say turkey still has some way to go with regard to freedom of the press, freedom of expression, human and minority rights, and the quality of the sexes. >> the popular uprising in tunisia that sent president ben ali into exile. already gone are some of the legions of so-called journalists who worked for the state run and sanctioned radio and news outlets. they are being replaced by a new generation of truth seekers, willing to ask softball questions or coddling in their guests. >> just a few weeks ago, an open and free discussion on the state-run television would have been unthinkable. among those taking part is this
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person. named head of news programming after the downfall of ben ali. >> the people rule indonesia today, and we are trying to listen to them, -- the people role -- rule in tunisia. if we do not, they will reject, just like they did ben ali. many journalists have left the station, making way for new ones who enjoy editorial freedom. >> the key to everything in tunisia is press freedom. people used to mistrust today, and they say journalists do not serve their country. they have their own agenda. we used to get the blame for all of their problems. >> in addition to the electronic media, newspapers are also able
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to take advantage of press freedom and have criticized the interim government. they have been covering strikes, protests, and uncovering scandals of the former regime. the tunisian daily "the cot idien" is enjoying it. >> the manner in which information interpreted shifted 180 degrees. in our newspaper, for example, we have got real and important changes. we no longer have restrictions imposed on us. >> falling more than two decades of dictatorship and censorship, journalists in tunisia are free to express their opinions -- following more than two decades. they say it will take longer for
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democracy and freedom of the press to take a strong foothold in tunisian society. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> hi, i'm janice edwards. this is "bay area vista." we are here with guest charlson pierce. >> having fun. >> today we have a blast from the past looking back at times we have had plus an interview with comee comedians. that's all coming up next. >> blast from the past. stay tuned. >> i'm janice edwards. this is "bay area vista" with charleston pierce with us. >> always happy to be here. >> i know you like to think about the good times you have
6:31 pm
had because they propel you forward. >> it's all about reflecting, who did what, how did they do it? how can we bring it back? it's about mixing up and having fun. you have fun. your show is fun. what we are doing, the talent you have coming up, you have major talent coming up. we have j-red and johnny. they are talking about life lessons. join us. >> i'm janice edwards. this is charleston pierce. this is a reunion here. >> i imagine there are great stories from l.a. days that you can sharon camera? >> no. i'm not sharing nothing. today's a different day.
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those were wonderful days. we did a lot of casting to do with fashion or commercials or films as well. it was a great one it's been a long time. >> 1989 when i first moved to l.a. i was there until 1992 when i came back. i want to welcome you to san francisco. this is my city where i was born and raised. we are making it happen here. we saw your movie last night. congratulations. not just your career, your fatherhood. you have a son of the . i have a son. >> it's been, wow -- what a
6:33 pm
powerful journey. every moment of his evolution is intriguing. >> welcome, man. >> it must be tough being away from him. you have so much work going on. >> it is. now taking films now, i have to make the right choices and choices that i can allow my family to be there so that i can be around them while i'm shooting at the same time. there is an amount of time you spend onset. you do want your family around or otherwise you start to be a little vague bond and always alone and on the go. this project, that project and the family two different worlds. i want both worlds to meet
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somewhere. >> i had a question about that too. we have seen you on the reality show with the girls as well as kinsu. how does that reality affect your life? >> we are careful about it. i don't do too much of the reality part of it in the sense that she has her life. that's her business. the kids are heavily in it, but at the same time, i think there is a need to keep the family private, so i don't really like to appear on it exposing so much of our private life on screen. >> you need to keep the balance. >> yes, you need part of it for yourself.
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>> absolutely. absolutely. talking about the film last night, what got you inspired for this film? >> well, again, this was shack shakespeare's last work. i was contacted by julie tamewall. the minute i heard the call i was like, huh -- no. my wife was next to me and said, hello, what did you say again? >> i said me no do shakespeare. >> she said, oh, yes, you do shakespeare. my mother with raven feather, blow.n you both.
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>> you seemed like you really had fun in this movie, like you enjoyed it. the character you have -- >> russell brandon there too. >> how could you stay in character with those two around? no. it was a great experience. i was dreading it for one thing being shakespeare and the second thing being after i kind of agreed to do the movie, i -- i did the first makeup test and i thought, oh, this is going to be tough. the second test, i was like, one mistake. i made a mistake. >> you can tell it in your character. >> he's the man of the island. he embodies the island in ways
6:37 pm
that he is half human, half creature, half albino, half burned by the lava of the island. it was just -- exhausting. those five hours of make up a day. when i would come out, i would surely come out as calaban, enraged and ready to tear anybody and anyone apart. >> if i could comment on that, man, your body looks great. i know how old you are. when i saw you, i was ready to go to the gym to drop a hundred. i'm trying to hold mine down here. >> we evewe are trying to hold n here too. as you age, you start to age as
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well. >> we won't say our age, but us being former models, we were taught to be show ready. >> you have to be a little show ready. you have to be in shape. >> you are inspiring all the men over 40. >> we always like to find out, what keeps you personally inspired as you are doing your work and going forward? >> now, it's my kids. you know, i do everything for my kids now. i inherited two daughters from my wife's previous, and our son now. i'm extremely thankful.
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the family is absolutely empowering, and gratifying. >> your acting is level. embracing that, your child will make you a greater actor. >> we are proud of you. san francisco embraces you. >> louie's coming up, and you will make it happen. >> you know what it's like. we have all done auditions and been rejected so many times. rejection after rejection, no wonder so man some of us are -- >> right. >> we want to thank you. you continue to inspire. there are great things coming up. so nice to meet you. it's been a pleasure. >> i'm janice edwards.
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on at the set of the academy of art where i teach the class. we have two people that have been here before. we couldn't let them go without sharing a little bit. i'm talking about jay-red and johnny steel. >> i don't think i'm dressed properly for t.v. i look like a parole officer. >> why do you have to be the parole officer? >> he has to be the person going to jail. >> it wasn't a race thing. you look more like charlie brown with that top. i have boots on. i was working -- >> i'll have the car to you tuesday. my client is in for embezzlement. >> you didn't steal any raisers.
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>> when you were starting your career, is this what you thought you would be doing? >> it wasn't until i graduated from high school. i said this all the time. i thought i was going to be an architect. i didn't know math or how to draw. thank god for my mama. under the influencyou were alwaa being michael jackson for everybody. >> shout out to the king of pop. i got on the stage and pursued acting and comedy. >> and it's going well for you? >> oh, yes. >> and what about you? did you have people cynical in your life? >> my dad was encouraging. it was like you graduated from high school, get a job, get
6:42 pm
married and have a baby in eight weeks. unlike j. red that was going to pursue a career he had no talent at, before a.d.d. was a.d.d., i had a.d.d. in college you studied journalism, broadcasting, radio, on camera, acting class, theater class. >> lots of things to stimulate you. >> all of these things were before me. i tested them enough to know that if the opportunities came available to me, and they did. >> 1938, i started comedy. we didn't have electricity then. we used a lantern. it was funny now. when the wind came, it was over. >> the land of dinosaurs.
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>> the tear due to the fac >> you were a smart comedian. >> i didn't want to go to work. >> i thought, san diego state has a media program near the beach. i was not a great student. >> my brother is a journalist. he's with the los angeles times. the movie was about his life. i had media people in the family. my cousin produces for pbs. so we had role models. >> he's looking at you thinking, can you hook me up? >> i went to a junior college. the professor said, i want you to understand this is a creative writing class. what messed me up, the professor said, i want you to become the paper and the pen. that scared me out of my mind.
6:44 pm
i never came back. now i understand how important it is to take classes. it really does help. >> for the kids out there, if you do study, you won't end up in the pen. >> now see how brother ended up in jail again. >> i didn't suggest that you would be in jail. i said if you don't get an education, you will end up in the pen. >> i love the words of wisdom. before we go, what from your heart is most important about pursuing your career and making it your life center? >> i was not a working man.
6:45 pm
when i was a kid, my dad owned a brewery. he had a friend that said, you have a big son. we need help. i turned in two days working in 100-degree heat unloading cases of beer for the train car so the forklift could get them and i said, i'm never going to work again. we work. i don't have kids. it costs a lot of money. i look at the clock and say, darn the day is done, rather than being angry about it. >> do what you love. >> he does a lot more sleeping than me. >> what wakes you up in the morning? >> if you can go to sleep and be as peace with what you are doing, what motivates you is what you love.
6:46 pm
sometimes when you have entertainment, you get out of bed because you are passionate about it. if you are in it to win it, a casting actor asked me, why do you want this part? why do you want to act? >> a lot of people said, i love it. i said because i have to. i have to. it's all i know. >> if it calls to you, it's for you. >> i started out as a comedian. i did a radio show, they said would you consider doing this? that ended, i went to l.a. and did a t.v. show. then i came to the bay area. i thought, talk show? i look like a thug. i had the greatest time. i interviewed david bowe to
6:47 pm
willy brown. >> a lot of people say, i'm going to do this or this and they are happy. i said i'm going to do comedy and be a creative person doing entertainment on a show. >> know what you love and stay open to the possibilities. >> it's great to see you guys. loved seeing you. we'll have to do this again. in the meantime if you want to share the love, the information the on our screen. this is a sensitive, fun, part of the story. what inspired this for you?
6:48 pm
>> thank you. i was living in paris at the time after i made marie antoinette. i would have a visit with a tabloid and it would remind me of an actor in l.a. i was thinking about how it was the same. steven stars in johnny marco in "somewhere." it's a charming movie. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> you flew to paris. you two were old friends. what drew you in to make you say, yes, i'm going to take it. >> sophia is an amazing filmmaker. anything she would have given me, i would have said, yes.
6:49 pm
>> the fact that i i love the script, i would have done anything for her. >> anything sophia had me do early on, i thought, that sounds cool. it didn't hit me how smart it was until i knew on my schedule i had to pick them up from school. i'm a smoker. i realize, the car smells. i have to get rid of the cigarette smell, put her seatbelt on. i'm responsible for her.
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>> to me, it's about this moment for him. >> hi, dad. >> hey, cleo. >> per herwe are here to support patients that have cancer. if you love giving to people in need, may i have applause, please? >> are you having a good time? >> i have a couple of things i
6:51 pm
want to say and awards i wanted to present. this is a special call for me this year. >> ♪ ♪ i want to do all the things you want me to ♪ ♪ whatever you want ♪
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♪ i left my heart ♪ in san francisco ♪ hi on a hill ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we are talking with lawrence beeman. congratulations. >> thank you. >> the crowd was going wild. how do you feel when people respond to you like that? >> i feel great. the applause makes it the saying, i love you. it feels good, yet and still it's humbling. >> you were on america's got talent, made it to number five. what's happened in your career since that time? >> a whole bunch of things, movies, recordings. right now i am developing a show called "unsung human." it's about the african-american experience forgotten. i'm trying to bring back the spirituals and put a different twist on them for our young people. >> we found charles.
6:54 pm
congratulations. how do you feel? >> it was amazing. i am sohe models, designers, san francisco tonight was amazing. it was truly a blessing. it was a reflected effort. everybody came together, hair, make up, sponsors. i'm so humble. i'm excited. >> for people that you saw tonight, what do you want them to take away from it? >> live your passion, believe all things are possible. support is there. you have not because you ask not. whatever you want to do, find out what it is, find out what your talents are and go for it. >> make it happen. >> you have to make it happen. absolutely. >> you have someone here that inspired you. >> i call her eva the diva.
6:55 pm
>> your full name, please? >> eva goldson. >> you saw eva on the runway and that inspired you? >> it was a few moons ago. >> a couple of years. >> maybe like 20. >> in 1988 she was on the runway. i was like who is this woman? she was very talented, fea fiern the runway. she inspired me. it was her first show. >> it is. i am so proud. >> i thank you for being here tonight. ootonight. >> you learned and have taken to another level. you have done a fantastic job. >> there we have it. wwe are making it happen.
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dreams come true. >> dreams do come true. i know you worked hard on it. thank you for your inspiration and all you do to make the bay area what it is. join us again and keep up the great work. ♪ ♪ "bay area vista" ♪
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